Mike and Alice altered its plans on the evening

Mike and Alice altered its plans on the evening

change (AWL ter) vt. 1. result in to evolve in detail not when you look at the compound; modify; dos. when deciding to take parts of a garment and you may resew him or her having a beneficial most readily useful complement; step 3. so you can neuter (a pet) -vi. to change; become some other • • • •

Ralph is included one of several followers of your own chairman

The latest tailor must replace the outfit to make it match Jan top. Replace your dogs to keep off an enthusiastic overpopulation away from strays. Brand new Fab Four changed Al’s type of top along with his lifestyle. [-ed, -ing, alteration n.] [Syn. change, vary]

even if (awl THOH) conj. the actual fact that; granting you to; regardless if • Mike sat right down to eating, even if he previously consumed lower than half-hour in advance of. • No matter if Mary advertised to not ever take care of opera, she had to know that musical regarding Il Trovatore is actually outstanding. altruism (AL troo i zm) n. unselfish concern having others’ really-are • They must be altruism together with courage you to definitely brought about Maria to perform on the consuming hookup places near me Barrie Canada household so you can rescue the latest weeping guy. • It is unusual to see an instance out-of natural altruism, where there isn’t any thought of personal obtain. [altruist n.] [Syn. selflessness]

ambiguous* (was Big yoo uhs) adj. 1. having multiple you can definition; dos. unclear; vague; long • The next ft coach’s uncertain indicators left brand new batter being unsure of whether or not to swing out or bunt. • Roxane was ambiguous within her recommendations to possess eating brand new pet while you are she is actually aside. [-ly adv., -ness, ambiguity n., ambiguities pl.] [Syn. obscure]

ambivalence (am BIV uh lens) n. that have conflicting thoughts regarding a guy otherwise point at the same big date, eg love and you will hate • Karen had a bona-fide ambivalence on being greet so you’re able to Brother Bob’s cabin; she appreciated visiting but hated the brand new five-hr travels. • David displayed ambivalence throughout the offering artichokes since, while they’re delicious, they might be a discomfort to arrange.

amenity (uh People i tee) letter. step 1. fun top quality; attractiveness; dos. a nice otherwise popular feature; a thing that increases a person’s spirits -pl. the newest courteous manners and lovely serves of respectful social behavior • The new tropical surroundings is only one amenity of The state. • Hawaii’s temperature is an additional amenity of one’s put. • The latest restaurant’s host and you can hostesses exhibited all of the amenities one would anticipate at the those cost. [services pl.]

Short Feedback #5 Satisfy the phrase from line 2 on the phrase out-of column step 1 which means most almost the same thing. step one. contract

In the middle of; surrounded by; utilized in a group of; dos

friendly (Have always been i kuh bl) adj. impact amicable; exhibiting goodwill; peaceable • Alice and her husband Ted got an amicable dialogue throughout the putting into the a rose backyard throughout the spring season. • Bob and you can Carol icability n.]

among (uh MUHNG) creating. 1. out-of spot to added; step 3. throughout the count otherwise number of; cuatro. by the otherwise with plenty of • • • •

amorphous (uh MAWR fuhs) adj. step one. not having specified setting; shapeless; dos. from zero particular variety of; anomolous; 3. indefinite; vague • Sulfur are a reddish, nonmetallic feature which is found in crystal and you can amorphous versions. • To at least one new to the online game out of football, the online game is apparently ruled of the amorphous statutes. • When Gino attempted to pin Hailee down seriously to a particular day, all he could get from this lady was an amorphous effect. [amorphously adv.]

amphibian (am FIB ee en) n. step one. any kind of a category of cool-blooded vertebrates rather than scales (also frogs, newts, salamanders, and you can toads) one to initiate life having gills, residing water, and soon after expands lungs; 2. any bush or creature which is yourself both for the home and in liquid; step three. people aircraft otherwise auto that run-on house along with liquids • This is simply not uncommon discover amphibians close by an effective pool. • Early Pan-american Air passage Clippers were amphibians you to stacked and you will unloaded the passengers into the land but became popular off and arrived toward drinking water. [amphibious adj.]

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