The newest Gurdjieff Enneagram, once the proven to Ouspensky, is formed through this mathematically feminine procedure:

The newest Gurdjieff Enneagram, once the proven to Ouspensky, is formed through this mathematically feminine procedure:

If the Gurdjieff got had use of the newest axioms out-of Vortex Mathematics due to the fact showed by ), he could have elaborated after that into Enneagram and also shown new mathematical derivation by the Vortex Math regarding “This new Nirioonossian-World-Sound” as explained on the Laws out-of Heptaparaparshinokh, Ch forty: “becoming that sound, the newest vibration at which was in fact obtained from ancient times – as well as presently indeed there, continues to be removed, it is true, for a highly small number of your own favorites, without a doubt, on the same China – because of their sound-producing instruments since ‘absolute vibrations’ of your note ‘do’.”

  • Mark nine activities on the a circle designated step one,2,3,4,5,6,eight,8, which have nine above
  • Split the new quantity step one thanks to six from the eight to the ‘Law of Sevenfoldness’ yielding step one/eight, 2/7, 3/eight, 4/eight, 5/eight, 6/seven giving: .142857142857142857. .285714285714. .428571. .571428. .714285. .857142 .
  • Remember that these performance support the same recurring decimal
  • Mark a line hooking up these types of wide variety into community (Remember that this new repeating decimal number when added along with her equal nine (1+4+2+8+5+7=27=9)
  • This new shed numbers step three, 6, and you can 9 blackplanet may then link to form an internal triangle inside it apex at the top. ****Therefore the newest well-known symbol seems***(We will see one to Vortex Mathematics possess a comparable triangle where 3 and you will 6 continuously swap metropolises.)
  • More importantly, ‘s the assignment of seven positions of your octave as the follows: ‘re’ to put step one, ‘mi’ to place dos, ‘fa’ to put 4, ‘sol’ to place 5, ‘la’ to put eight and you may ‘ti’ to position 8. This new top of triangle on nine is then ‘do’ so you can depict down ‘do’ as well as achievement on large ‘do’. Therefore the newest Gurdjieff Enneagram includes the law from 7 (Heptaparaparshinokh), legislation off About three (Triamazikamno), what the law states from Ninefoldness, brand new sacred legislation out of Half a dozen (the inner lines), while the rules of A dozen (the fresh new intersection of them lines on the inner triangle).

That dancer in-between is an effective rotate area towards most other dancer that is went in the point on suitable to a place on the remaining to the left performer to get new rotate part for another put

Here is the Gurdjieff Enneagram with all of you can traces found within they from inside the purple and you will eco-friendly to your notes assigned:

In my own basic lecture: “The key to Spirit Is in the Lost Stopinder about Restaurants Octave”, I overlook the interior vector lines and employ precisely the cards and also the triangle of your Enneagram to show that a compound was forgotten in the ‘la’ regarding the Eating Octave in Part 39 off “Beelzebub’s Tales so you can His Grandson” and you can speculation exactly what it was.

One copywriter, Richard J. Defouw, in the guide: “The latest Enneagram throughout the Blogs out of Gurdjieff” (Amazon), are mostly of the you to approved the latest missing substance ‘la’, outlines to exhibit one ‘la’ was intentionally overlooked in buy showing the action of one’s vectors in the Enneagram. The guy supporting so it by proving that Beelzebub’s six “Voyages towards World” or any other processes for the reason that book stick to the Enneagram purchase, regardless if the guy believes you to Enneagram wasn’t explicitly said. Their interpretation of your own Enneagram techniques is attractive even though I think you to definitely my personal provider of your missing ‘la’ is a lot easier.

With the web page 78, Richard reveals a map regarding dancers starting an effective “par de deux”

I found myself intrigued by so it and you can based the next animation which follows brand new spirit regarding Richard’s drawing of half dozen solutions. To your dancers We used the angel and also the devil off this new protection form of the fresh prospectus into the Gurdjieff Institute (1919). Commercially, the brand new angel is meant to depict brand new inactive push together with devil the new active push; within my contour he’s trading natures alternatively. The latest devil therefore the angel remove each other around the community. From the dance I show new angel taking walks out of ‘la’ to ‘ti’ to allow for the trouble of one’s lost standing ‘la’ from the Restaurants s fulfill the author’s.

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